Welcome to Braidburn School

Situated in the south-west of Edinburgh, Braidburn School provides a supportive learning environment for learners with additional support needs aged 2½ to 18 years old.

Braidburn benefits from on-site multi-disciplinary therapy and medical teams in addition to our education staff. This helps our learners achieve their full potential.

Yellow Class In Space….

In the yellow class we have been learning about Space. We have looked at rockets and made a rocket mobile. We have learned about the planets and their names and have made a planet wall display. We have also read a story about Aliens in underpants saving the world and made our own parachute out of underpants!


Transition Evening

On Wednesday, 28th September, the senior school welcomed over 20 organisations with exhibitions to Braidburn for our very first 16+ Transition Evening. Pupils, parents/carers and friends were invited from all special schools in Edinburgh to attend an informal, information session from 6 – 8pm. There was an excellent turnout, with a positive, energetic vibe throughout as pupils browsed the stalls and considered their options for leaving school either this year or in the future. The feedback from the evening was very positive with all agreeing that the Transition evening was valuable to both families and organisations. Many parents/carers remarked that they found the evening useful and it had given them some great ideas for discussions with their children about moving on from school to adult life.

We have already earmarked the Transition Fair for next year and have had some fantastic ideas from organisations and families regarding break out rooms, workshops and more exhibits. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the event a success, see you next year!


Nursery News…

Nursery News:
The nursery topic is ‘Myself’.
We have been making hand prints, singing songs about our hands, feet, shoulders and arms and looking at our faces in the mirror

Fun in the sun:
The new boys and girls in nursery have been exploring the nursery garden. There are many activities to choose from including crawling through a tunnel and making cakes in the sand kitchen

Stewing apples from the nursery tree:
The nursery apple tree produced lots of big juicy apples. The nursery children picked the apples, helped cut them for the pot and then tasted the apple stew at the end. Delicious!!!!

Music with Julia:
Every Friday morning, Julia, the music specialist brings a selection of instruments to the nursery and the boys and girls enjoy making music. Some of the music and songs are a part of favourite stories.